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Abdominal lift


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I. Benefits:

The Abdominal Lift —

• strengthens and firms the abdominal muscles.

• reduces the waistline.

• promotes regularity and relieves constipation by stimulating the peristaltic action of the colon.

• tones and massages most abdominal organs and glands.

• improves circulation to the abdominal area which aids the digestion and rnetabolism.

II.  Technique:

1. Stand straight, the legs about a foot apart.

2. Bend forwards placing your hands just above the knees and shift-ing your weight onto them.

3. Inhale and then EXHALE FULLY and do not breathe again throughout the exercise. It is of the greatest importance that no breath should be left in the body.

4. Relax the abdomen and pull it inward and then upward as though to have the navel touch the spine. This creates a deep hollow. (Fig-ure 1)

5. Hold the inward pull for one second and then bang the abdomen out in a sudden motion.

6. Immediately pull the abdomen in again, remembering to also give the upward pull which should be so strong that it tightens the muscles of the neck. (Figure 2)

7. Bang the abdomen out again after one second, etc.

8. Repeat this in and out motion for a total of 3-5 times on the one exhalation.

9. Relax, gasping for air. If you find that you are exhaling as you straighten out, you will have done the exercise wrong.

10. Perform a set of 3-5 contractions each three times and if you are really concerned about constipation or slack muscles, then do this three times a day.

II. Dos and Dorits:

DO make sure that your lungs are completely empty before pulling the abdomen in. This will take a little practice and you may find that you tend to breathe in with each inward pull. The 3-5 contractions are all performed on one breath.

DO have your abdomen relaxed to permit a proper hollowing.

DO work up your contractions to 10 on one exhalation as you advance, but do it gradually at one extra contraction a week.

DON'T get discouraged if your abdomen is fat and doesn't seem to hollow at all. That emaciated look will just take a little longer to achieve, but it will happen.

Nützlich & interessant

Nützlich & interessant

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